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Midgley Pace Egg Play 2019

Pace EggThe Midgley Pace Egg Play 2019 is on Good Friday, 19 April. The group are all ex Calder High School students who, on their own initiative, have continued to perform the Midgley version of the play for the past few years. A group has been formed to support the players and to ensure its continuity in the future. Read more Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Life and Death in Hebden Bridge 1851- 1901

Census With speaker Anne Mealia. For those searching for clues about their family history, census returns, which are collected every ten years and are now available to search on-line, have provided a rich source of information. But the records can also give a picture of a community. Anne Mealia, a genealogist and historical researcher, shared the results of her painstaking and detailed analysis of records for Hebden Bridge from 1851 to 1901. Read more - Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Remembering Peterloo by Alan Fowler

PeterlooA sunny Monday on August 16th, 1819. A peaceful, lively meeting of 60,000 men, women and children, calling for ‘manhood suffrage’ and political reform.

Cavalry charging with sabres drawn. By the end of the day, 15 were dead, including 4 women and a child of two, and as many as 600 injured.

Read report    19 March 2019

Woodlands of the South Pennines – their industrial history

WoodlandsFor modern day residents and visitors to the Calder Valley our woodlands are largely a place of leisure, serving as an escape from the industrial towns, but as Hywel Lewis told the Hebden Bridge Local History Society, their history shows how closely they were integrated in the industrial economic life of this area. Read report  
Wednesday, 6 March 2019

The history of farming in the industrial Pennines

The history of farming in the industrial Pennines Does it seem like a contradiction to speak on the topic of 'farming in the industrial Pennines'? That was the question put to members of the audience at a meeting of the Hebden Bridge Local History Society by Dr Stephen Caunce, formerly senior lecturer in history with the University of Central Lancashire.

Read report

Milestones and waymarkers in the South Pennines

The Norman Conquest of YorkshireAs we walk along country lanes, bridle paths and canal tow-paths we perhaps don’t always notoice the waymarkers and milestones that guided our forebears. For David Garside, a member of the Yorkshire Milestones Society, the collecting and mapping of these wayside markers is a passion which he shared with a meeting of the Hebden Bridge Local History Society. Read more Monday, 28 January 2019

Alan Petford book

The Clothing Industry of Hebden Bridge: selected texts. Edited by Nigel Smith and Diana Monahan. This book contains four unpublished texts on the clothing industry that dominated Hebden Bridge for much of the twentieth century.

See Publications section for more info.

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Trestle Bridge

Trestle Bridge, Blake Dean c1904

West End Bridge

West End Bridge, 1960s


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The group runs a popular programme of workshops and drop-in sessions at the Birchcliffe Centre

Churn Milk Joan

A major role of folklore is to express the 'common sense' of a community - in other words, the shared rhythms and beliefs and ways of doing things that are accepted and largely followed locally.

Midgley Moor

For some years now a small group of friends has been exploring the evidence for prehistoric activity in the South Pennines.

Calderside Mill

What you find in this section are the results of about ten years work - visiting archives, interviewing local residents and digging up new photos.