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Seven Centuries of Recorded Floods in the Calder Valley

FloodsThirty people struggled through snow and blizzards to attend a talk on the subject of floods. Nick Wilding, local filmmaker, spoke about ‘Seven Centuries of Floods in the Calder Valley’ at a meeting of the Hebden Bridge Local History Society.

Read more Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Damn Your Eyes!

Pace EggJohn Billingsley told the History Society how the 'Halifax houses', farm and clothiers' houses of 17th Century Calder Valley, often have decorative architectural details resembling the 'evil eye' - to ward off bad luck.

Read more (19 February 2018)

The Midgley Pace Egg Play

Pace Eggis at risk of not being performed this year. Rodney Collinge, who directed the play for almost 20 years when he was teaching at Calder High, proposes to direct the performance again, but needs players to perform in it. Read more (16 February 2018)

Report updated 21 Feb 2018

The people of the parish of Halifax 1539 to 1670

Parish recordsSpeaker: David Cant. Up to half the people of England died during the Black Death of 1348; it took two centuries before the population returned to the same number. Single events such as this can have dramatic results, so the group set out to use parish records to investigate what had happened in the parish of Halifax (roughly equivalent to modern day Calderdale.)

Read report Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Women and Girls in the Upper Calder Valley: Recognition, Resilience and Reward in World War 1

War MemorialHebden Bridge Local History Society member Julia Maybury was inspired by the activities planned to commemorate the centenary of the First World War to explore the roles of women and girls at the time, searching Hebden Bridge and Halifax newspapers, listening to some fascinating oral history recordings and using the evidence of old photographs to discover stories that have often been disregarded..

Read more Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Alan Petford book

This is no ordinary local history book. It is the first publication for many years to cover aspects of the history of various localities across the South Pennines, rather than focusing on the history of a specific area. Produced by the South Pennine History Group as a memorial volume for the late Alan Petford, a gifted local history lecturer, it presents the results of new research by some of the many people that he inspired. See Publications section for more info and short YouTube video.

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Trestle Bridge

Trestle Bridge, Blake Dean c1904

West End Bridge

West End Bridge, 1960s


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The group runs a popular programme of workshops and drop-in sessions at the Birchcliffe Centre

Churn Milk Joan

A major role of folklore is to express the 'common sense' of a community - in other words, the shared rhythms and beliefs and ways of doing things that are accepted and largely followed locally.

Midgley Moor

For some years now a small group of friends has been exploring the evidence for prehistoric activity in the South Pennines.

Calderside Mill

What you find in this section are the results of about ten years work - visiting archives, interviewing local residents and digging up new photos.