Family History report

Family History report for February 2014

There comes a time in any keen family historian's life when they need a rest from researching their own family but yet wanting to use the skills they have refined to enhance local history. This year has seen some members of our group looking for new areas of research, especially some that are connected with this part of the country. Some look at celebrities, others at local families who played a major part in the industry and politics of the past. Our Council Chairmen project will soon need volunteers to spend time at Halifax library searching through local newspapers.

Joseph Greenwood, one of the founders of the Nutclough Cooperative, Edward Crossley, local mill owner and council chairman and Gracie Fields (Stansfield) are a few of the people currently being researched.

The records of these families will hopefully be added to our Local Families collection which is slowly taking shape.

If you are interested in a new line of local research or would be willing to add information about local families to our collection, please get in touch or better still, come and see us at one of the sessions at Birchcliffe.

Again, this year we have had several visitors from out of town and overseas together with queries from people interested in finding out about the area and where their ancestors came from. Some of the queries involve the following families.

Midgley,  James. B 1782 living at Callis Wood and further family at Luddenden.

Jackson Betty B 1804, died April 24th 1879

Greenwood.  Ann Chisnall is working on a data base of all Greenwoods

Gallian. The murder of Eileen Gallian by Kenneth Prior in 1941

Smith of High Street, Hebden Bridge. Fred died Dec 1922, Fanny, died Aug 1930, Edwin died Dec 1933

Robertshaw   Earliest grave being Ambrose son of Ambrose died 1723.

Some of these family records have been added to our collection.

If you have knowledge of any of the above, please let us know and we will pass on the information.

 An offer from a Dorset family historian: "If you know of anyone with links to Dorset who is researching family history, I would be very glad to help. "

We found Eric and Pat!

We had a request to see if we could find Eric and Pat who lived somewhere near Slack in a white house in the 1960s. They had a son called David. Not much information to go on. With a little more information, i.e.: Pat's maiden name was Smith and she came from the Barnsley area, we found a suitable marriage and so could probably have located the family using the electoral rolls. However, local knowledge came to the rescue, Gabriel Elliot, one of our members, enquired of the local post men who verified that they lived at Blackshawhead and, sure enough, in a white house. We were able to put their cousin in touch with them.

Heptonstall Monumental Inscriptions

We have a few members who have been steadily transcribing some of the oldest graves in Heptonstall Churchyard, those between the two churches and we thank them for their sterling work, especially Arthur B, a young student, who completed a whole section as past of his Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Ollie Robertshaw, a regular visitor from out of town, comes regularly to search for graves and has, in the process filmed many graves and put the resulting films on You Tube. Find them by going to the You Tube site and searching for Ollie Robertshaw Heptonstall.

We still have a fair few graves to transcribe, most of them behind the Old Church and I will be starting this task on Saturday 5th April at 10:00 am and would welcome any help. We will also plan to meet on Saturday May 3rd again at 10:00 am. We need to do this work before the plant growth takes over.

Pennine Horizons Digital Archive

This resource is now available online. Frank Woolrych, Ann Kilbey together with a group of volunteers have digitised many thousands of local photographs including the Alice Longstaff Collection and those belonging to the Local History Society. It has been an enormous task and we thank them for it. It is an invaluable resource for family historians with connections to this area. So far only part of the archive is online. Other photographs can be viewed at The Birchcliffe Centre when the archives are open.

For further information please contact Barbara Atack    01422 842105

Barbara Atack February 2014


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